About Uss:

Zaroo Technologies Shenzhen, is a world renowned company, providing premium brand products in the field of Electronics & IT since 2001.

Zaroo Technologies has captured the market and established a strong foothold not only in its local market but in the regional markets as well, providing people an- easy access to our quality products that improves human communication. Our social responsibility is to deliver products and services with honesty and speed. Zaroo contributes and enrich our IT & electronics industry through active participation and customer-focused team work.

Our Brands:

The Zaroo and Audionic brands are represented by ZarooTechnologies, which is staffed with qualified, competent and dedicated marketing and engineering personnel, providing highest level of services to our clients with our innovative design. We are the major supplier of OEM products for our international clients using their own brand names.

Vision & Mission:

Our company philosophy is to build a long term partnership with our clients and partners. Our patrons across the globe are our strength, and with their support we aim to constantly challenge ourselves in pushing boundaries to explore avenues that few have before. We are different and valuable to our clients because, we turn our knowledge and expertise into keen insights which provide great opportunities to our partners’ success. We share our passion and energy for perfection with our clients; this encourages our partners to go the extra mile. We also possess knowledge and in-depth understanding of the Electronics & IT sector we are in, this allows us to provide unique value propositions to our partners.

Our competitive advantage is to offer the best products and services through creative and innovative ideas at cost effective prices, this reduces the overall cost of ownership to our customers.

Research & Development:

Zaroo Technologies has a great focus on R&D which help us in introducing new products & technologies to our customers continually. Our marketing department monitors the IT sector in attempt to foresee the future demands, the marketing department works with the R&D department so Zaroo Technologies will be ready with the products which will be in demand by the customers in the near future. We will continue to spend most of our time in bringing innovations to this marketplace in order to bring the most user friendly products to the IT market.

Quality Control:

Quality is our strength; our Quality Control department is always proactive in making sure that we provide the best quality, reliability and service that our customers deserve.

Zaroo believe that quality is not a one time achievement, Zaroo Technologies aims to provide the best in products and services, we are here to stay, with the support of our partners we will achieve great success together.